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Profile Sheets/Updated RP status

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2008, 10:45 AM
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Prophecy-God's Journal

The profile sheet
Ok, this is the profile sheet that I wish everyone to fill out. Remember, ALL hunters must use at LEAST this much information in order to be a part of the hunter community.





Fur color:

Eye Color:



Appearance description: (not needed if you have a picture)




Weapon of Choice:





(note, you can add anymore stats to this if you wish, the more information the better, just know that you must have what's needed) The picture is NEEDED of your hunter in order to qualify to be a part of the main ten squads, no exceptions. Here is an example to how it should look.

Name: Sandra Flare

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Vixen

Fur color: Sand

Eye color: Green

Birthday: September 5

Personality: very demanding, but is very nice most of the time. Very serious at work, but knows when to take a break.

Appearance: Sandra's picture

Likes: chocolates, banana sundaes, suspense novels, sunsets, difficult missions, training.

Dislikes: Easy criminals, braggers and showboaters, cocky people, people who takes advantage of others.

Residence: Planet Choral

Weapon of Choice: a 6-inch blade with her family's name engraved on the hilt of the combat knife.

Strengths: fighting with swords, strategizer, experience on mostly every field.

Weaknesses: Barely listens to her own feelings, simply listens to the Spectators and follows their orders.

Background: Sandra Flare as a teenager wasn't well-known in high school. She did her work first, before doing anything else. Which sometimes made her miss out on parties. She became so good at quickly doing the work however, that a recruiter/scout noticed her ambitious talents. Sandra was amazing at working out anything quickly, as if she was already solving them before she knew about them. Sandra was taken in by the last leader of the head squad at the age of 20. The former leader mysteriously died a week after Sandra had joined, but unlike Tikal, Sandra had already been in contact many times with the Time Bounty Hunters. She mostly knew everything about them. And they decided to make her the next leader of the squad. She was determined to take in criminals and fix the universe of crime; no matter what the cost. After the Spectators moved in, she only could guess that something was strange about them. She feels that there is more to them than meets the eye.

(This is how it should look)

A note to those who don't have a picture of their character. Know that you have 2 weeks to come up with the information (according to those who asked for a position) so those people have those designated positions. However, with no profile sheet of your character filled out and brought to me in 2 weeks, you will forcefully forfeit your position to anyone who has the necessary items to gain the position. You also have 5 weeks in all to gain a picture of your character (if you do not have one already) I suggest going around asking for requests. You can ask for a better request later, but on the 5th week, I should have a picture of all characters.

Characters joining the story
A few people have asked me that when they make their profiles, that should mean that their character gets into the story right? Well, the main questions are, for how long? Will they be in the spotlight? Are they just fill ins? Here is how it works. When you give me your profile of your character, during the storyline, I will make up some missions that are very important for certain squads to go after. This is also an opportunity for your squad to rp what happens. If I like what you did during the rp, I'll even edit the storyline to save the outcome of what your squad did together. You'll see various important missions going on during the storyline, and I will follow their p.o.v. until their mission is done. Then it's back onto Tikal's and the head squad's p.o.v.


The new chatroom is now up and running TBH Chatroom

Contests, RP status, Ideas in general

The new APOD contest is now available. APOD contest

Roleplaying side missions
I have been asked many times is this a roleplaying club. Well, being asked so many times, I say why not? I'll make up small side missions for you with guidelines on where you start and what the side mission is about. At the moment however, I am too busy to come up with these scenarios, so members will have to check in weekly on this subject to see if anything is changed. I need the time in order to come up with a handful of missions that are unique and very fun for everyone to get into. Something that will not be stale and something everyone will enjoy. Which brings me to my next question. I need some people to help with the 'so called' storyboard of these RPs. I'm serious when I say I'm excited about this. I think it would be a good feature for the club to try out to actually get interactive with your squad members to see what you can do together. After enough unique RPs are planned out and finished, they will be introduced to the club.

Roleplaying major assignments
By the end of December, I will make major assignments according to what squad your character is in. Ex. If you're in the Defender squad, I will make you do a certain assignment dealing with the family you were assigned to look after. I must have enough profiles in order to start this, that way I'm able to write down personalities and effects properly and correctly. This is only a brainstorm on how I can do it, if there are any suggestions to this set up, please let me know.

Current Issues

Yes occupations, as in jobs that I have set up, I have made a few for the club that need to be pointed out to everyone. So far, here are the occupations that are for the club. I will add more to the list if necessary.

Squad leaders: They simply are the leaders of their squad, they must collaborate with me to think of the small storyline of their 'spirit' family they must look after and where the spirit came from. (If the squad leader is different from the one who made the Catalyst, then all three of us must colloborate to make a storyline)

recruiters: they must go out and try to advertise the club. Trying to recruit anyone that they think is pretty good to be in the club and can show promise for the community.

directors/administrators for chatrooms: I have a very reliable person who has this occupation already. Their job is to watch over the chatroom and make sure that nothing gets out of hand. I wouldn't want it to get shut down over nonsense.

news reporter: The club needs someone who is used to distributing news articles on DA. It seems the Help Desk don't want to answer my questions, so I need someone who already knows just about everything for the club. I come to them to discuss what I can and can't put on the articles that I want to post up, and after making edits to the article and modifying it correctly, I will post the article.

contest coordinator: When I am too busy with something else, I will ask the contest coordinator to come up with contest ideas to give the members motivation. Of course, at the moment, I am full of contest ideas, so I'm in no panic. However, it would be safe to have one, just in case.

small administration staff: I'm not too sure what they are supposed to do... I believe get me donuts and coffee or something... if I'm not mistaken XD but seriously, if I'm not around for about 3 days, either having a small break from school or too busy with work, I'm probably going to need someone to moderate things. By moderate, I mean send notes to me telling me whatever is new and whatever has developed. Or if at the time something very important is going on, this group should log in and handle business while I'm away. I have to extremely trust this group of people, so it will probably be only a limited amount. This is more crucial then what you may think. It gives me less time to search around for things and more time to think about doing better stuff for the club.

T.A.P. Technical Assistance Personnel: Only one person has this job, and it's already taken. I just put the name out there because it is a job.

Council: I'm probably going to need those who are serious about the club, who think that it can grow into something far more spectacular than just some fan club. The council and I will discuss things like what is new that needs to be done. Or something that can be improved, enhanced, or updated.

Clerk: ok, obviously she's gotta be sexy XD just kidding. I don't think I really need a clerk, but the position is open anyway to those who would... like to be a clerk, and help the owner out ^^;

Comic Artists : I never mentioned it before, so I'll mention it this time. If anyone is interested in drawing the comic of this story, just note me and we will work something out. Of course it will not be free, you will be rewarded with privileges of the club and of course money XD

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